AU member state consultations

On the sidelines of Jan 2017 AU Summit

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Civil Society Organisations

Online consultations continue until end of February 2017

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Online consultations

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AU Organs and Institutions

February-March 2017.

To be convened by African Court

Calling on all Africans!

In July 2016, the African Union Summit declared “the Human and Peoples’ Rights Decade in Africa 2017-2026”. The AU Commission and AU Organs with a human rights mandate are therefore developing the African Human Rights Action and Implementation Plan 2017-26 to specify how Africa can achieve substantial progress in human rights.

The African Union is therefore calling on all stakeholders – AU Member States, African Union institutions, regional economic communities (RECs), African research institutions, universities, civil society and the media – to participate.

Drafting Timeline
Drafting Timeline

*Online consultations continue until the end of February 2017

Latest Draft

African Human Rights Plan 2017-2026: Background and contextual analysis